An easy-to-use referral program that gives you a competitive edge.

Your clients rely on on you to help keep their businesses running smoothly. Strengthen those relationships by giving them a trusted place to turn with their HR questions.


Benefits for you

Flexible revenue share and discount options

Generate revenue, pass savings on to your clients, or both. Each referral that becomes a Mammoth member comes with a 10% revenue share/discount for you and your clients.
An edge against
the competition

Strengthen your offering by providing your clients access to expert HR advice that’s easy to understand, delivered by a seasoned HR Advisors with more than 16 years' experience on average.
Easy referrals with a custom
promo code

We make referring a breeze. You'll receive a custom promo code when you sign up. Simply give it your clients to use when enrolling in our service. It's one more way that your clients will see that this benefit is being offered through you!

Benefits for your clients

Online training library

Offering a learning management solution provides your clients and their employees access to an extensive course library ranging from compliance mandates, workplace safety, professional development, and employee engagement.
Easy-to-use handbook builder

We make building a federal and state compliant handbook a snap. Your clients can create one right from their HR Support Center. They can also get a handbook consult with one of our HR Advisors, so they clearly understand each policy.
Online HR helpdesk loaded with tools and templates

From job descriptions to offer letters to easy-to-understand law updates, our online support center is packed with tools and content your clients can rely on to save them time.
Rapid Response live consulting

Your clients can talk live with our team of certified HR advisors to get answers to their HR questions. We cover all 50 states and are experts in more than 25 HR practice areas, from Benefits to Wage & Hour, and everything in between.
Dedicated HR Advisors

Your clients can choose to work a dedicated HR Advisor, who truly understands their business and unique HR challenges. It's a one-on-one HR experience that's second to none.

Refer your clients to an HR solution trusted by 90,000 small businesses
and a 4.9 out of 5 satisfaction rating.


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