Benefits Administrators

A Collaborative HR solution that integrates seamlessly in to your platform.

Your Benefits Software + Our HR Solution = A comprehensive offering your brokers will love.


5 ways Mammoth can complement your offering and grow your broker network

Zero maintenance, scalable online training

Integrating an online training library into your existing platform delivers a zero maintenance, interactive training solution your clients need to address compliance mandates, employee engagement, workplace safety, and other people-centric risks.

Custom-branded HR Support Center

Offer your brokers a customized suite of digital HR tools to share with their clients. Each broker’s brand stays front and center at all times - and their clients can access thousands of important HR documents, templates, tools, and trainings whenever they need to.

Live HR advice

Your brokers can offer their clients live access to our team of trusted HR Advisors to help them tackle their HR issues. Our plans also include an option to have a dedicated HR Advisor for client accounts.


Easy implementation

No complicated set ups or configurations. Our services can be easily integrated into your existing platform for a hassle-free experience for you, your brokers, and their clients. We provide all the training and onboarding support needed for each broker.

Flexible plan options

Offer our services to your brokers as a value-add, or resell them to generate revenue. And our different levels of HR services mean your brokers can tailor packages for every one of their clients.


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