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Tools and support to widen your HR offering and streamline your service delivery.


Scalable, white-labeled consulting and product options allow you to focus on the more complex,
long-term HR issues your clients need help with. Whether you want to offer your clients self-service,
HR tools or live HR consulting, we’ve got you covered.

6 reasons to make Mammoth part of your offering
A platform to win new business

By supplementing your services with Mammoth, you’re able to provide clients with a comprehensive HR offering, including an online HR platform where they can find answers to their questions anytime. It gives them the HR protection they need and you can use it to make your work more efficient.
Robust flexibility and visibility

You retain total access to the client relationship. See what questions your clients are asking us, and even participate in the discussion. Or have us work entirely in the background (and you can take the credit)!
Expand your business reach

Our team of certified HR Advisors are experts in all 50 states, and they are well-versed on the ever-changing HR landscape. That means you can add cliengts in additional states, and your existing clients can confidently grow their companies across state lines.
Dedicated HR support for your team

We’ll complement your team with a dedicated HR Advisor who will get to know your team and advise them on the complicated questions your clients are asking about — from employee relations issues, policies, and everything in between.
Back office support

Stop spending time creating employee handbooks and job descriptions for your clients and let us do that for you. That will give you more time to focus on the more complex, long-term HR issues your clients need help with.
Grow brand awareness

Our white-labeled service means your brand stays front and center. Your clients will experience your branding on every product or service we provide, from your HR Support Center, to customizable email communications, and more...

Services for your clients

Customized digital content suite

Give your clients instant access to a vast array of online HR tools and resources to help manage their compliance and employee relations needs.
Dedicated HR Advisor

Offer your clients a comprehensive solution with a dedicated HR professional by their side. Ideal for tackling more complex, strategic HR initiatives.
Available Custom Branded Webinars

Provide your clients and prospects with live training Insight webinars on a wide range of HR topics, delivered under your brand.
Rapid Response live consulting

Offer clients unlimited HR consulting from our team of certified HR Advisors, along with custom handbooks, live chat assistance, and more.
Full-service admin tools

Easily manage your client accounts, view client engagement and activity, and get tips on how to increase client adoption.

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