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HR expertise that complements your HR technology

Partner with Mammoth to help your clients get the most out of your technology and fill their HR knowledge and training gaps.


You offer your clients an invaluable technology solution. But are they using it to its full potential? When you partner with Mammoth, your clients get access to a team of certified professionals who answer their HR questions and help them get the most out of your HR tools.


Why partner with Mammoth?

Client stickiness

Chances are, you're getting HR questions that you can't or don't want to answer. When you partner with Mammoth, we'll handle their HR issues and you'll strengthen client relationships.

Greater adoption of
your feature set

You offer your clients a wide range of features, but are they getting the most out of them? Our experienced HR Advisors can help them more fully use your feature set, so they’re getting the most value out of the services you’re providing.

Competitive edge

Helping clients fill their HR knowledge gaps is the perfect complement to the solution you’re already providing them. Plus it gives you an advantage others can’t match.

Seamless integration

We offer an array of integration options to help make it as easy as possible for your clients to take advantage of the Mammoth services you offer. Our Open API solutions bring the industry's best HR expertise directly within your HR platform.


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